Written by Druidstone.

The Nomadic Druids is the dream of Gerry Quigley, a dream which is now very much a reality.   A dream made possible by a fan and believer of Gerry's music, who financed the entire studio recording project.  The resulting debut album has allowed Gerry to realise his potential as an instrumental progressive rock composer. 

The debut album Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is an instrumental concept album, a story told with music in seven captivating chapters.  The Nomadic Druids experience will take you on a musical journey. A journey which at times could take you away to another world.

The music will tell you a story, taking you on a ride through ebbs and flows of breathtaking melodies and augmented chords combined with just the right amount of those amazing guitar riffs. The instrumentation and dynamics of the band's performance is simply superb.

Each of The Nomadic Druids has added their own piece of magic to cast the spell, an astounding collaboration of like-minded virtuosos and the resulting sound is incredible. This impressive combination of cool rhythmic beats from drummer Leroy Cleaver, of keyboard wizardry from Jon Pitulej and bass guitar magick from John McNair complements the Gerry Quigley sound perfectly.

The signature sound of Composer and Blues/Rock guitarist Gerry Quigley also brings with it a distinct Celtic feel. Playing his ecclectic collection of instruments including a selection of electric, acoustic and classical guitars, mandolin and a unique double-neck mandola/bouzouki, The Nomadic Druids will keep you mesmerised with a true entertainment showcase.

Some would call it Progressive Rock, with a Celtic twist.